Hello world!

Tonight was our monthly church birthday party.  We had cake, ice cream and watched Courageous.  You may be thinking, “Courageous! didn’t that movie come out last year! Our church has already had a Men’s Ministry Retreat, sermon series, small group study, and Resolution signing ceremony.”  Well here in my little corner of Tatooine (if you don’t get that reference, please leave) we haven’t done those things.  The nearest movie theater is 60 miles away, about the same distance as the nearest Wal-mart.  So…we’re a little behind…

I’ve been in here in the Outer Rim since August of this year.  I’m from an even smaller town but having been in a Christian College then in College Station, Texas afterwards this has been somewhat of a readjustment to this vastly different way of life.

So why am I starting this blog?  Well, I’m not really sure.  Part of it is my perception that most youth ministry blogs, websites, resources, books, etc are geared toward youth ministries in the cities.  Another is I want to get stuff out of my head.  I’m a very reflective thinker (I learned this about myself from my wife, who has a degree in Early Education and likes to study child development for fun, and she uses this knowledge against me, I’m sure of it!), being a reflective thinker I have to think through things.  This makes me bad a debates, but “check you email periodically for a doozy” of a comeback.  So by getting things out here, and having my imaginary thousands of avid readers comment I can process things.

Until next time,

Small Town Youth Minister

FYI the references are from Star Wars, and The Big Bang Theory.  I’ll explain them in future posts

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