The Star of Bethlehem

Star of Bethlehem

You should buy and watch this DVD every Christmas. it is amazing.

Rick Larson, a good Texan, became curious about the Star reported by the “Wise Men” or “Magi” from the east in Matthew 2 of the Bible.  Larson, a lawyer, began to study the historical evidences of this star reported by the “Magi”  Using modern, and readily available, star charting software you can quite literally “turn back the clock” of the night sky from anywhere on earth, the more expensive software that Larson uses even lets you look at the stars from the moon or even Mars.  A free star viewing software is called Stellarium and is available by following this link (

Using Biblical and Non-Biblical historical texts and evidences we can determine the approximate year of Christ’s birth.  By identifying the “markers” of the star the Magi where referring to Larson begins to focus in on what events would have been taking place at the time of Jesus’ birth.

Why does it matter?  Well I’m not a proponent of “blind faith.”  You should not believe in something “just because” or from only an emotional perspective.   At least my faith doesn’t work that way.  I hold to and encourage my youth to hold to a “reasonable faith.”  Reasonable faith, may not be able to be proved with 100% certainty but there is evidence that supports and points to the truth that Jesus Christ is who the Bible says he is.  This well researched documentary from Larson, has been submitted to world class astronomers at the best universities.  There is no debate that the astronomical events that are presented in this video actually took place.  What is open to debate, however, is what these events in the sky mean.

The Bethlehem Star website is  Follow this link and get the DVD, and as their website’s tag line says “follow the science for yourself.”

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