TXT: A Three Part Series On The Bible


TXT is a 3-part video series over the Bible from Lifechurch.tv. It answers three main questions;  1) Where does the Bible Come from? 2) Is the Bible Trustworthy? and 3) How do you study the Bible?  This week we will finish up part 3; Studying the Bible.

I use a lot of resources from Lifechurch.tv, they are the church behind youversion which is the most popular Bible app for Smartphones.  A love their philosophy of “we make the highest quality resources we can and give it away for free.”  This helps me because my church doesn’t have the money to buy the latest, greatest stuff from the major Christian publishers.

A Lot of people have questions about the Bible:  “Where did it come from?” “Who wrote it?” “How did it get translated into English?”  “Why does it matter?” “Is it really God’s Word?” “Has it been preserved accurately?” and I’m sure there are many others.  There are entire courses in Seminaries and Bible Colleges that answer these questions (I know I took them at UMHB).  Obviously a three week study with 10-minute video segments cannot answer every single question you may have.  They are, however, very well researched and accurate about the three main questions they do set out to answer.

Here are the videos:

These are the first two weeks, for the third lesson (How to study the Bible?), I am working something up just for my youth.  Also, I was unable to find the third video segment on youtube, but I didn’t look to hard.

Many people have doubts about the Christian message.  That’s fair enough, I do to. I do not advocate “blind faith”I do not believe that God calls us to that, I believe we are called to a “reasonable faith.” A faith that can be questioned and tested.  The more I dig in and study the legitimacy of the Christian message the more certain I become of the hope I place in Jesus Christ.  I pray that if you have objections and/or questions about the Christian message that you would do your own research with an open mind.

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