How to Maintain Discipline with Youth


Giving youth a ride home is just part of the job.  My wife and I are constantly taking youth to and from church. It is a good thing we have an explorer that seats seven.

The car and/or church van is no place for horse play.  Today I ended up taking three young men home after church.  They fought over who got the front seat, so I told them to play Rock, Paper, Scissors.  One of my youth feels a sense of entitlement (we will call him “Shortround,” or at least I do) and refused to play and insisted that he deserved the front seat.  I was honestly getting a little annoyed so I unlocked the back doors and told them to get in.  The Ginger got in the back seat and we waited while the other two fought.  He then asked, “So do you care if I just crawl over into the front.”  “Not at all,” I replied.  Oh the joy of natural lessons! By the time they realized what The Ginger was doing it was to late, so they begrudgingly got in the back seat.

Shortround was still being..well..himself.  So I redirected him to quit playing around.  He did not.  I redirected him a second time, his behavior continued.  The third time I had to redirected him I told him that if he continued horseplaying I would throw my cup of ice water on him (it was 40 degrees tonight).  He didn’t believe me, because, “Your wife would be so mad if you did that.” He was ok until our first stop.  He then continued his folly.  He then got very wet.

I firmly believe that follow through is the key to discipline 😀

Also, turning on the rear a/c and rolling the windows down helped drive home an important life lesson.

PS: My wife thought it was hilarious.

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