I’m Horrible at this Blogging thing…

For 2014 I set several goals.  They were as follows.

  1. Read through the entire Bible this year
  2. Blog at least twice a month
  3. Lose 20 pounds
  4. Walk my dog “Starbuck” (Lt. Kara Thrace from Battlestar Galactica) at least once a week
  5. Read at least one book a month
  6. Make enough items to sell at the craft show in September (Dailey Woodworking this is basically my “small business”)
  7. Get my yard and garden looking healthy
  8. Become a licensed foster parent and foster a child with the goal of adoption

Well it’s now the middle of February and this is my first post of the year.  HA!  I haven’t walked my dog once.  But she did get out a week ago and had a good run before coming home.  Last night at a Baptist Men’s Rally I went back for a second helping of brisket and sausage so Number Three isn’t looking so well.  I paid some kids wanting to work (shocking for kids nowadays) to rake my yard, but I’ve still got a ways to go on the yard looking like how I used to keep my Gran and Papa’s.  I’m making progress on the craft show thing (#6) but other things are taking precedence.

I’m doing well on a few things.  I’m almost done with the Minor Prophets and a few of the smaller books of the New Testament.  My Pastor gave me a nice little Holman Christian Standard Bible (HCSB) for Christmas.  I’m liking this translation so far, it seems to be both accurate to the original languages and very readable.  As far as reading 12 books I’ve finished two and have about 3/4 of one and 1/5 of another.  I’m mixing it up I’ve read Seven Promises of a Promise Keeper a Men’s Living type of book.  Divergent a distopian fiction that is going to be a movie soon.  It is a great novel and I’m excited to get the next book of this trilogy.  I’m almost done with Si-cology 1 by Si Robertson of Duck Dynasty.  It’s a light read that is funny and mostly ghost written by someone else.  I’ve got a few others on the docket.  One is The Jesus Survey, it is the results of a survey about what “Christian” youth believe.  It is recent and has interesting data.  The other on my list is Baptist Confessions of Faith, this contains historical writings from Baptists since the days of the Reformation, and I really like Church history.  My Wife and I also picked a book over Marriage to read together, but I don’t remember the name.

The main thing my wife and I are focusing on right now is becoming foster parents.  We suffer from infertility, and our goal is to “foster-to-adopt” through what is called a “legal risk adoption.”  This has been a hard and difficult journey, there is a verse in Proverbs that says that “an empty womb is never satisfied” unless you have been down this road you truly don’t have a clue on how hard and painful these last few years have been for us.  Becoming a foster parent, has involved lots of training, we’re getting ready to pay people to come into our home and determine whether or not it’s “safe enough” for a child to be placed with us.  It’s been hell but we’re almost there.

I may blog more about the infertility and foster care thing in the future, I’ve just now got to the point that I’m even OK mentioning it.  As for blogging, I have a lot to write about.  We had a fun Christmas Party with the youth, a break in at the church where we were relieved of our sound system, I just wrapped up a series on the Five Solas, I thought it went great.  And now we’re going to do a series over Christian Marriage.

Until next time (probably June)

Peace be with you,


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2 thoughts on “I’m Horrible at this Blogging thing…

  1. Thanks for your thoughts. Goals are great. Sometimes even achieving a few can be a rewarding step forward. I really hope your process of becoming foster-to-adopt parents goes well.

  2. Robert Dailey

    Thanks for the encouragement!

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