My name is Robert.  I come from a small town in East Texas where the population sign reads 608.  This picture is literally the view you get when you walk out the door of the house I mostly grew up in.

I was raised culturally Christian.  Went to Sunday School, Church, Wednesday Night Choir practice, baptized at seven, etc.  I began a personal relationship with Jesus Christ during my senior year of High School.  After graduating High School I embarked on a journey into the “big cities” serving in part time ministry positions while I completed my education.

Now I serve as a Youth Minister on the other side of Texas, in a small town. I don’t consider myself special, or even a particularly good youth minister.  The church I serve in doesn’t have a large congregation (even for the size of the town) or a large youth group.

So I started this blog to share my experiences, frustrations, and hopefully successes.  And to give a different perspective on youth ministry, youth ministry in a small town.

I am a small town youth minister

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  1. Hey Robert, great to find someone who is serving in a similar place as myself. And thanks for following my blogs at

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