Toilet Paper Dodge Ball

Enough Said.

We played this at our DNOW at the First of March.  It was the most fun game of Dodge Ball in the history of Man throwing things at other peoples faces.  I’m honestly not a big game guy, and I’m not the inventor of any great games.  When I do come across a good game I do take note. It is played just like normal dodge ball.  Line up TP in the center, and then blow a whistle.  We mixed it up a little by leaving a 12 pack or two on the line.  The rule was you can not take the whole package, it must be opened at the line and you can only take as many rolls as you can carry.  This leaves you as an easy target.  As always head shots are not permitted, but if you are hit in the head it doesn’t clause bleeding.

Don’t forget to clean up the gym afterwards.

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