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Trip to McKittrick Canyon


Yesterday we took the youth from our church to McKittrick Canyon at Guadalupe National Park, Texas.   If you are near West Texas, or Southern New Mexico.  It makes a great day trip.  The is cost typically $5.00, but there was no one there to take or money so it was free that day.  They have several free day’s throughout the year.  Even so, $5.00 for a youth activity is not bad.  Just so you can be aware there is quite literally nothing out there.  Make sure you have a full tank of gas, bring food for a picnic, and plenty of water.  Also, cell reception is non-existent for as least 10miles north and/or south on the main highway.

Here are some pictures that I took.  There are a lot with my youth in them but I left them out for privacy reasons.


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